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About My Inventions

All my Inventions is called to answer the problems caused by low efficiency and high investment costs of the conventional renewable power facilities. My team have developed and realized a lot of patented and patent pending solutions in the field of renewable energy conversion  machines and automotive fuel saving technologies.

The usable renewable power generated by my new invented high efficient energy converters significantly reduced environmental impacts and have a longer lifespan. They are easy to operate and provide a reasonable amount of low cost usable power without requiring frequent or expensive maintenance.

You can see on these pages my newest patented cost effective solutions of wind, solar, hydrokinetic / tidal and hybrid renewable energy systems. Automotive patented solution, as well. All patented, patent pending facilities, technologies and related power machines are approved in the practice.

You can see also more than sixty videos of patented renewable energy facilities in operation.

My inventions & know-how based on the power analysis and "design-to-cost" approach of  wind, solar, hydro and hybrid  renewable energy systems. According to the issued and pending patents are developing number of advanced renewable power solutions.

My innovative technologies and related machines are designed by computer simulations and approved in the practice, before patent applications.  I am combining several innovative solutions of every invention aiming a synergy effect. As an example is ROTOJET inventions related to cross flow and axial flow Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) and hydrokinetic blades/rotors, as well. J

JET turbines thanks to the additional JET force/torque  rotate much more efficient because of synergy effects of JET, Lift and Drag mode of turbine operation. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT).  The JET tornado/vortex turbine exploits synergy effects of both JET self augmented blades and air/water vortex created by turbine rotation. A comparison of the conventional and newly invented JET wind machines is presented here.

JET BLADE Turbines are applicable as wind motors of both horizontal and vertical rotor axis  in solar photovoltaic parks, hybrid wind-solar systems in urban environment and for zero energy homes (buildings). Based on the same principal I have invented number JET self augmented propeller, Savonius/Darrieus Hydro Turbines operating in free water streams.

An other type of submersible or semi-submersible turbine is axial flow hydrokinetic/tidal turbines. Hydrokinetic power makes use of swiftly flowing rivers or tides to turn windmill-like turbines, which in turn generate electricity. Hydrokinetic power is distinct from traditional hydro power in that dam construction is not required. Typically, a hydrokinetic turbine is submerged and secured to the riverbed, or is attached to existing infrastructure, such as bridge pilings or pontoons.

My several inventions are directed to the combination (hybrid) of a solar thermal (ST) and a photovoltaic (PV) device, each designed to capture energy in a different way, and to provide an assembly with better performance and economics than may result from the application of the two products separately (synergy effect). The main advantage of the presented innovative solutions (PV/ST co-generator see a video here) is that water (or water based fluid) is used as an infrared filter of PV-module. This way is prevented the PV-module from temperature increase because infrared sun rays absorption by water. Simultaneously both the water temperature and PV power output is increased. Overall PV/ST co-generator efficiency is increased up to 85-90 %.

Several new patents of  hydrogen and hybrid cars see here



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